Sell Your Agri Products in Bulk

Agri commodity related questions.

You can upload any raw agriculture commodity to sell, eg. fruit, cerelas, grains, vegetables, rice and pulse.

Yes, please keep the stock of the commodities you are uploading. In case you have sold a part of the stocks offline, please keep it updated on crophunt platform, as it will help us find the right match of buyers for you.

Payment Related questions.

Yes, crophunt pays directly in sellers bank account against the payment recieved from buyers.

Once, the seller dispatches the order to buyer and buyer receives the order. During this cycle crophunt keeps the buyers money protected. Once the order reaches to buyer and buyer verifies it, crophunt deposits the money to seller.

Yes, crophunt charges a very small commission to sellers aginst the amount of commoditiy sold through its platform. The percentage of commission varies from commodity to commodity.

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